About Jemiah "Mr.EQ" Battle

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I grew up like many boys in my generation, in a single-mother household of 6 with no positive male role model or any strong social structures, and definitely not any examples of healthy relationships. This environment made me an over achiever, and very determined to succeed to not become a neighborhood statistic. I believed that if greater was possible, good wasn’t good enough. I focused on learning every strategy in business & leadership, worked & grinded 24/7, and strived to never settle for mediocrity. This seemingly was a great mindset and strategy to have except for only 1 problem: I was starving myself emotionally and I was socially deprived. Both my Mom and Dad suffered from Mental Illness & Manic Depression, so it was natural for me to follow. The subject of relationships, social responsibility & mental wellness has always been a taboo topic in minority households. Not being taught how to be resilient, or build healthy relationships, left me socially and emotionally unfit as a grown man. I was seemingly successful on the outside, but emotionally unfit & obese on the inside. I was a walking time bomb.
Then in 2009, my world, as I knew it, crashed. I lost both of my salaried jobs, had a couple of my real-estate investment properties in foreclosure, my stock portfolio crashed, and I had just broke up with my then girlfriend. My bank accounts were soon depleted and I lost everything I had worked so hard for. On top of that, one of my best friends-the only guy that became an older brother figure to me & started to steer me in the right direction- suddenly passed. I fell into a deep depression and mental stupor. Then something happened. On the brink of almost losing my sanity. God spoke to me clearly. He explained to me that I never took the “inner journey.” I never developed my character. My values were based on street values, a street mindset, survival of the fittest…and that was it. I never developed a global perspective. I never developed my inner man, my inner story. I never gained the understanding of how my story was connected and interwoven to the story of countless others...
So, Through daily emotional intelligence tools, inner soul workouts, and deep self-development I developed and redefined my state, my story, and my strategy. I became a student of the capacity of the human soul-my mind, my will, and my emotions. I learned how to build & develop healthy relationships and accountability. I became Socially & Emotionally Fit. I became "SELF Fit". I spent so much of my life being emotionally obese, selfish out of a scarcity mindset, mishandling relationships, and “reacting” wrongly vs. “responding” correctly to life’s situations, that I’m able to automatically connect with others in those areas. Now as an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Innovator, Success Architect, I have made it my mission to teach and train others to do the same- To take the wheel of their life back from “emotional-hijackers” and truly “become Emotionally Intelligent and Socially Responsible for the Game of Life!​” Being SELF Fit has empowered me to really know what it means to truly love myself, and to fully love & understand others. It has allowed me to become a better husband, a better father, a better servant, a better coach, a better entrepreneur, and a better friend to the world. My goal in life is to empower others to live at their highest levels of intent and become difference-makers and agents of change, especially young males. To actualize their individual, unique self-worth and contribution to the world. This is how we eradicate poverty. This is how we prevent domestic violence, genocide. and end inequality. This is how we prevent suicide. This is how we change the World... In my fairly short time on this earth, I have amassed tons of experience in being a victim, in being unhealthy (physically and in relationships), making a bunch of money, losing a bunch of money, being angry and stressed and yet somehow still “finding” happiness & peace, and most importantly, discovering the real me. I’m convinced now, more than ever, that if I can do it, it can happen for literally anyone else and I’m unconditionally committed to helping people see that for themselves. Jemiah Battle is one of The World's foremost Thought Leaders and Leading authority on Identity Development, Social & Emotional Intelligence, and Success Architecture. Mr. Battle Provides Inspirational, Engaging, and Energizing Speeches, Seminars, and Workshops that Empowers the next generation of leaders. He equips audiences with the tools to optimize their true potential and understand that their success is "A Process, not a Project!"