Process YOU to Success: 3 Steps to Reaching Higher Levels in Your Life, Career, & Relationships

“No matter your current goals, you’re not going to improve your body, your career, your relationships, or your organization  without first strengthening your mind! Your thoughts ultimately control your actions, and it’s a strong mind that pushes us to eat right, train hard, develop & sustain healthy relationships, stay motivated, and stick to a plan for the long haul. As said by Justin Woltering, pro-performance trainer, that  “even the greatest routines for nutrition, training, and supplementation will fail if you don’t have the will to carry them out.” We spend so much of our life people pleasing and spending tons  on our outer appearance, that we often neglect our inner self. This makes us emotionally obese, socially unhealthy, and unable to handle life’s most challenging problems.

In Process YOU to Success, Jemiah Battle helps you become emotionally fit and mentally tough for the game of life! He helps you understand that your success and happiness in life is a process not a project! Process YOU equips you with the tools to tackle any obstacle in life and truly breakthrough any situation! People who are emotionally fit are in control of their emotions and their behavior. They are able to handle life’s challenges, build strong relationships, and recover from setbacks. But just as it requires effort to build or maintain physical health, so it is with emotional health & fitness. Information isn’t enough. You have to practice!

The BluePrint for Mental Toughness: Becoming Emotionally Fit and Socially Responsible for the Game of Life!

Blueprint For Mental Toughness
Preparing the mind for any type of achievement or endeavor consists of several aspects—coming to terms with what lays ahead is a good start. After that it’s probably a good idea to consider setting goals and mapping out exactly how you plan to achieve them. This causes a lot of anxiety for the leader without a guide. It is critical for any successful individual to begin the process of mental strengthening. The mind can embrace this pain by blocking out as much of it as you can while also believing it’s all worth it—for this to happen you must find a way to have fun whenever and however possible, and you must have a “why.” A positive attitude can make all the difference in the world. Without any one of these essential elements, you are sure to struggle mightily while trying to pave your in a competitive world. How you respond to setbacks and opposition is key and important for sustained success! This is why “Mental Toughness” is needed…

Process YOU: The Journal: Know. Choose. Give


This is a 90 day Journal that you can use to help develop, strengthen and build YOU! I must tell you that this Journal will get it’s optimal use if used after or in conjunction with my book “PROCESS YOU: 3 Steps to Reaching Higher Levels in your Life, Career, & Relationships -Becoming Emotionally Fit for The Game of Life!” (which can be purchased at But, if you commit to your “Why” and stay focused on your vision, I truly believe that you will get estounding benefits from journaling. I’ve learned that if you commit and immerse yourself to anything for at least 1 hour a day, for 90 days, that you will be great at it.