Jemiah Battle on Career Elevations Radio – Emotional Fitness

This is an interview conducted by Brandi Baldwin-Rana, the Chief “Elevations” Officer at Urban Consult. Brandi has spent years working in education, career advising and behavioral health. In this interview Brandi and Jemiah get into it and talk about the skill of emotional intelligence, provide examples of how they would support those whom have room for improvement and finally a summary of the career elevation potential available for those willing to improve themselves.

In this interview Jemiah and Brandi talk about . What brought me to the emotional intelligence game and why I’ve made it my focus.

“I think relationships are the currency of heaven.” – Mr. EQ

Points Discussed in our Conversation:

  • The back story of Jemiah Battle’s passion for emotional intelligence.
  • How people alienate themselves due to a lack of emotional awareness.
  • How to manage people who are easily angered or reactive.
  • Habit for strength training your emotional intelligence.
  • Emotional triggers of Mr. EQ.
  • “Hot seat” emotional fitness coaching.
  • How Mr. EQ would work with:
    • Ray Rice
    • Dez Bryant
    • Chris Brown
    • Columbus Short
  • Finally a summary about career elevation

“It’s strength training for your emotions.” – Brandi Baldwin-Rana

Resources Mentioned in our Conversation:

Suicide Linguistics – A research paper regarding the self talk behind suicide

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