Wayne Roper President SCBIO

Organization builder, innovation enthusiast, entrepreneur, marketing, governmental affairs, writer

Jemiah's talents are many, but he is gifted with a mind for business and creating opportunity. I know him as having a sharp intellect and high integrity and a good public speaker. He has a heart for God and for people, and is dedicated to reaching goals that he sets for himself.

He knows how to train and teach others to reach their goals. He would be the leader in any setting you place him. Working with Jemiah has been inspirational and motivational for me.

His tough, no quit, positive attitude really pumps me just thinking about it. He has bounced back from adversity like few people do.

Tim Thompson

Access Athletes, Creator and Master Alchemist, Institute of Applied Human Relations

In today's highly challenging social landscape, it's easier than ever for top level athletes to lose their way both financially and emotionally. Furthermore, the support pros who can truly help athletes that struggle with off-the-field/floor issues are still few and far between at this time.

So I'm happy to say that Jemiah Battle is one of those bright few who can help athletes get the most out of their careers during and after playing their beloved sports.

In short, Jemiah has the heart and the smarts to bring balance to the lives of others. Check him out!

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